Fast Famous Tricks For Fat Domestic Cleaning

1. Treat leather upholstery with a sealing agent or wax. It prevents leather surfaces from cracking or dryness, while in the meantime preserving the texture and shine of the surface. For a better result - use a wax with pigments. It even has the quality to restore leather texture and discoloration of some spots.

2. For deep cleaning of small areas and spots on the carpets - use a stiff brush like an old toothbrush for scrubbing the stain. The best result appears on carpets and rugs with short fibers, which facilitate the foaming effect from the dissolvent.

3. The fastest cleaning of carpets is vacuuming from the wear out or stained side and flipping the carpet to show up the back clean side. One it ensures an even wear from all the sides of the carpet and two - it changes the location of all the objects and their weight applied onto the surface of the carpet.

4. Rotating carpets and rugs is another useful trick, especially if you want to change the orientation of the figures, the colors, the textures, the shapes... On the other hand, you also change the areas with the heaviest foot traffic and therefore ensuring an even wearing as well.

5. Kitchen cleaning may seem like a truly overwhelming task, but a simple homemade solution with cooking products can do the perfect cleansing effect of even the heaviest stains. First, apply a degreaser like a soapy water or a water with a small amount of shampoo. Then, scrub well with a brush until the foam forms. Leave the treated spot to soak up for a dozen minutes and meanwhile make another stronger homemade solution with a hot water, dishwashing detergent and baking soda.

6. The perfect homemade solution for domestic cleaning of glass surfaces and windows is a solution with hot water and white vinegar. However, that`s only a hint of what to consider when cleaning the windows, for example. It`s very important to choose the right time of the year and a cloudy day with no powerful direct sunlight, which enhances the evaporation of the spraying solution.

7. Call a professional cleaning company for the biggest blemishes, dirt and the heaviest stains. These are stains or odors from pets, which require some special treatment. The professional cleaners have a myriad of cleaning detergents and machines, and their expertize helps to find the best way for cleaning of even the most persistent spots. The cleaning agencies have numerous complimentary services like sanitizing, which is another important highlight for a flawlessly clean home.

8. Make a schedule for cleaning of the rooms and objects in it, as well as separated in different columns. Add in one column only the items, which should be cleaned on a weekly or daily basis. It comes to items, which not require special cares or complex cleaning machines. Add another column for the rooms and the objects, which have to be deep cleaned every season or once a year. Another column can be filled only with items for sanitizing, etc.

9. When cleaning carpets, rugs and upholstery with a hot water machine or with a homemade solution - don`t forget that the surface dries faster with open windows. However, it`s recommended to avoid direct sunlight, because it can cause lighten effects on the brightest natural colors and other negative effects, especially on handmade rugs.

Article provided by: London Carpet Cleaning Ltd.

London Carpet Cleaning Ltd.

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