How Clean Is Your Microwave Oven?

There’s nothing worse than heating up food in the microwave and tasting last night’s dinner. If you open the microwave door and smell a roast from two days ago, it’s time to give your microwave a good clean and soapy warm isn’t enough. Microwaves are designed to be to be quick and simple to guess what? They are also quick and easy to clean!

1.Fill a microwave-safe bowl with water and add half a lemon cook it for five minutes (the condensation from the steam will loosen the dirt).

2. Keep the door closed and let the steam do its work for a few minutes. 3. Becareful how you remove the bowl, because it will be hot 4. Remove the glass turntable and wash with warm soapy water.

5.Add a little bit of bleach to a wet cloth and just wipe away the dirt.

6.Do not use steel wool pads as they could scratch and lead to rusting.

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