Flushing Wipes

Flushing wipes down the toilet is a BIG no no...

Using disposable wipes makes everyday house cleaning a breeze, however flushing them down the toilet (even though they are labelled flushable).

What you need to be concerned about is what happens if you was to flush it down the toilet.

Toilet paper dissolves once flushed, whilst wipes do not disintegrate in water.

They stay pretty much intact as they travel through the sewer pipes and can get caught on roots or other debris, increasing the likelihood of a clog..

This is why it is important to throw away any cleaning/disinfecting wipes and personal hygiene products, etc., in the bin, never in your toilet. Clogged sewer lines are ugly and expensive to fix. It is so much easier throwing the wipes in the bin plus you wont have an expensive bill once the plumber has finished.

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