How To Organise Your Home

Coming home from a long day of work have you ever looked around your home feeling over whelmed by the clutter invading your space. When it comes to clutter we all seem to have a weakness for some kind of collection. Papers and magazines messily shoved into your drawers, just to get them out the way, bills piling up on the coffee table. If this describes your home, we have several tips on how to organise your home.

Firstly, no matter how big or small a house is, it can get organized. Second, everything in your home has a special place to go. Third, get into action, sitting around and thinking about clearing the clutter is not going to clear by itself is it?

So here are some tips on how to organize your home.

Getting started

Don’t try to organize your home in one go, it will be better if you tackle it one room at a time, your more than likely to see the job through. Starting in one of the least cluttered room sometimes may be easier because you’ll have an incentive to keep going.

*Prepare to get new storage, it can be colourful or wicker it all depends on your décor at home.

*Find a place for the storage boxes to go, so that it makes it easier to take items out and put away.

*If you have children and they are always playing in the front room, it may make more sense to place the boxes either side of the sofa.

Post time!

Quiet frequently post isn’t always opened on the same day that it arrives and is just left on the coffee table piling up. A good way to help keep letters from piling up is to have two trays by your front door. One should be for important letters (bills & appointment letters) the other hold mail that can be read at a later date. Recycle what you can and throw out what you don’t need.


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