Updated Sunday 22nd March

Latest service update: We're running as normal!

• Cleaning is essential for public health and will continue through the outbreak

• We've enhanced cleaning to combat Coronavirus

• We have cleaners available 7-days a week in all areas of London

• Cleaners on standby for residential cleaning and office deep cleans

• Customer service team available 7-days a week

We’ve implemented policies to keep cleaners and customers safe

• We've set policies ensuring cleaners book time off & do not attend cleans if unwell or self-isolating

• We’re asking customers to skip their cleans if they’re unwell or self-isolating

• We’re asking cleaners and customers to avoid physical greetings, and to stay more than 2m apart during cleans

We’ve provided cleaners with detailed cleaning guidance

• Surfaces should be cleaned using regular products, then disinfected using an antiviral product such as Dettol Antibacterial Surface Cleaner Spray

Special attention should be paid to high-touch areas, such as; door and cabinet handles, light switches, TV remotes, tables, countertops

• Warm water (not hot or cold) should be used when cleaning surfaces and mopping floors, to maximise the effectiveness of cleaning products

We’ve advised cleaners to take extra precautions

• Thoroughly wash their hands before, during and after their cleans, with hot soapy water, plus to carry their own soap

• Remove shoes, or wear shoe covers when at cleans (which we’re offering cleaners free)

• Use disposable or machine washable gloves (which we’re also offering cleaners free).

• Open windows where possible for ventilation

• Wash cleaning cloths and mop covers at a high temperature (60C+) after every use

• Avoid shaking dirty laundry & soft furnishings such as bath mats and rugs

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